how to publish a poetry book

How to Publish a Poetry Book

Poetry is a real blessing in our lives. Where would we be without art, be it books, music or even painting, poetry is in all of those. However, for us to enjoy this incredible art, we need the inspiring souls that turn magic into poetry and poetry into magic, bringing it to us. Publishing a book is the dream for a lot of people and until reaching the reader there’s a whole process behind it. It’s not always an easy one, and there are different ways of publishing poetry. Either the author can simply post its work online through a blog or a page, which is possibly a great start for every beginner in the area he can decide to take it to the next level and self-published, or he can even go for the gold and try working with a known publisher, for a more professional result. If you want to get yourself into this world and share with everyone your passion for poetry, then these are some of the steps to take into consideration during the process of publishing your book, so, shall we?

Choosing Your Work

Writing poetry is something that requires time, patience, and inspiration. When writing something that comes straight from the heart, there’s effort involved, and like any artistic process, it requires passion. However, to write a poetry book, it’s necessary to create a certain amount of poems, and it depends on the publisher to establish the number of pages, but if it’s self-published, you’re the one that decides that.

So, the first step is creating your work of art, choosing the right poems from your collection, and then the important part of this process is defining the order of the poems. In a classic book, no author would begin the book with the end, or change the order of the story, making it confusing, and for poetry books it’s exactly the same thing – depending on the theme of the poems, they also tell a story. This might be an important aspect for your success.

The Ideal Book Format

An amazing thing about poetry and poetry books is the fact that they are quite versatile. A poetry book can tell a story through the poems, or it can just be loose thoughts in poem shape, while even having sketches and images to help the story. This is completely the writer’s choice, but he should always think about the audience he wants to reach. That’s why you should enter this job like it’s your finest creation and the most important thing in the world.

Choosing Your Publisher

This can be the scariest part of the process, however, it’s also the most important one. Choosing the publisher that suits you better and represents what you want is the first thing to do. After your book is completed and ready to be shared with the world, take the leap, and send your work to a publisher. After that, in case of interest, the chosen publisher will present a contract with their benefits. However, there are some that take preference for poetry books, usually publishing collections of poetry, which might be the easiest and most suitable option for you. Don’t forget to check the preferences of the company, and the kind of books they are looking for, as that might be an advantage for you.

In Conclusion

The art of poetry is something beautiful, it’s what makes people feel. The human race needs passion and it’s filled with the need for things that make us cry, laugh, or believe in something, even if it’s something magical. That’s what art is made for, it’s not only supposed to look beautiful, it’s supposed to make you feel something, or maybe just remind us that there’s still beauty and love in life.

When it comes to books, they tell a story, make us connect with the characters, feel the way they feel, laugh, cry, fall in love… Poetry, in a more abstract way, does exactly the same, and that’s what makes it so important. If you are a person that puts passion into the paper, don’t keep it just for you, share it with the world, especially with those who need to read your ideas, and your thoughts. Publishing a book is the best way to do it, so don’t miss out on this opportunity and finally take the chance. Hopefully, this has made you understand a little bit more about the process behind publishing a book and maybe inspired you to do it. Remember, you have nothing to lose when sending your work, the “no” is always guaranteed, so why not? Thank you for your time.

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