how to start a book publishing company

How to Start a Book Publishing Company

When entering the publishing industry, you can go for two different roads – the one for those who write the books and the other for those who publish them. The passion for literature is shared by a lot of people, however, not everyone wants to be a writer, and instead, they want to help new creative minds follow their dreams and start a career in writing, showing the world their talent.

Getting into the world of publishing can be a long and hard-working process, but without a doubt, a very rewarding one. First of all, it’s important to think about the motivations to start this business – a lot of times, the people wanting to get into this industry are writers that went through the self-publishing process, which gave them motivation to more easily fulfill the request of future authors. This ends up being a great way to reach new authors and make them feel more confident about going with someone that truly understands their necessities. That’s why I’m here today with a description and some tips to help you create your publishing company. 

Understand Your Market

Determining the type of publisher you want to be is the first step of the process. There are many companies out there, and it’s a growing market with a lot of potential. That’s why establishing yourself in the market is extremely important, and studying it might be helpful to learn more in how to succeed. Some take the road of fiction books, others might edit educational manuals, and there’s even those who choose to go with guides for all kinds of stuff, however, a publisher can take the path of betting in new authors, no matter what the genre. A good tip here is to go for a niche known to you, something that you might have already some experience in, as it’s an easy way to launch.

Creating the Base of Your Company

The next step is to put your hands to work, and learn about your business options, which, in the publishing field, there are a few popular ones. The sole proprietorship is when the business is exclusively managed by you, and it’s the simplest way for someone starting and for being claimed in your social security number, for taxes.

A little bit like the sole proprietorship, there’s the LLC (limited liability company), where the taxes work the same way, but it offers most liability protection, meaning your personal assets are protected from any business problem. These are the ones more recommended for anyone new in the business, but there are two more ways to go, either with a corporation (a group of people authorized to run the company), or a partnership, where you and more people agree through a contract to manage it together.

Branding is Essential

For any business or brand, branding is a crucial part of the process, and when it comes to the editorial world, the company name and logo it is and what it transmits. In this area, the rhythm never stops, new things are always happening, and branding is the boost to reach the top and call out for the public attention. Use this to your advantage and never against you. If needed, ask a specialist for help.

Making It Official

The final step is to make your business official! So, apply to receive your EIN (Employer Identification Number) which will allow you to create a business bank account. At last, for creating your accounting system, it’s always better to ask a specialist for help and to register your brand. Now it’s time to help upcoming authors bring to the world their masterpieces.

Last Advice

Creating a business from scratch can be a challenge, especially in a field so wide as the publishing one, however, when a mind is set to it, there’s nothing impossible in this world, and people will still need books, as they are definitely a blessing to the world, and truly and escape from reality. If you have passion for a craft, it always makes the process so much easier and more interesting. If you are ready to take action and create your own company, then make sure to study the scenario and the market, because starting a business is no joke and you are not investing only your time, but your mind and money, as well.

Use some of these tips in your process and it’s going to be a success, for sure. It will help you understand and learn about those easy ways to reach your goal. Don’t let anyone distract you from it, thank you so much for your time, and let your passion speak louder!

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