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October 2009
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EU Competition Law in Context
First Edition
Essays in Honour of Virpi Tiili
Edited by: Heikki Kanninen, Nina Korjus, Allan Rosas

Competition law belongs to the traditional core of Community internal market law and continues to play an important part in EU law and the case-law of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

Competition law does not form a static and hermetic domain but should, perhaps now more than ever before, be seen in a broader context and as a dynamic area of law.

The topics in this book include pure competition law issues, such as who should be held accountable and responsible for competition law infringements, when is a price so high that it becomes abusive, or the object or effect test under Article 82 EC. Moreover, they include competition law issues in a broader context, such as the influence of competition law on free movement rules, the application of competition law to international maritime transport, consumer interests in the application of competition law, unfair competition law and trade marks, confidentiality issues, the interplay between administrative law and competition law, or the principle of fiscal neutrality, not forgetting State aid issues.

This book draws together contributions from well-known experts in EU law and competition law in particular, being either current or former members or r?f?rendaires at one of the Community Courts. It is a tribute to Judge Virpi Tiili, who, when leaving the Court of First Instance in autumn 2009, will be remembered for her long and outstanding contribution to the Court's case-law, notably in areas such as competition law and intellectual property law.

Heikki Kanninen has been a Judge at the Court of First Instance since 2009. Prior to that he was Judge at the EU Civil Service Tribunal.
Nina Korjus is a r?f?rendaire to Judge Heikki Kanninen at the Court of First Instance. She was formerly r?f?rendaire to Judge Virpi Tiili.
Allan Rosas is a Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

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