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Our aim is a simple one: to publish good academic
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the study and practice of law in all its aspects.
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Re-Interpreting Blackstone's Commentaries,
A Seminal Text in National and International Contexts
Edited by: Wilfrid Prest

Coming Soon
The Chagos Islanders and International Law
Stephen Allen

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Current highlights
Corruption and Human Rights Law in Africa,
Kolawole Olaniyan: This important new book provides a framework for complementarity between ...

Blackstone and his Commentaries
Biography, Law, History
Edited by: Wilfrid Prest: One of the most celebrated works in the Anglo-American legal ...

Reading HLA Hart's 'The Concept of Law'
Edited by: Lu?s Duarte d'Almeida, James Edwards, Andrea Dolcetti: More than 50 years after it was first published, The ...

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